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Surgical Procedures

Plastic Surgery Options at Midsota Plastic Surgeons

Breast Surgery

A woman’s breasts are often an important part of how she feels about herself and her femininity. With the many changes your breasts can go through as you get older, you can be left feeling self-conscious, unlike yourself, or even less feminine. Our team of doctors at Midsota Plastic Surgeons understands that a woman considering breast surgery wants results that look and feel natural, as if they are—and always have been—her own real breasts. We offer a variety of breast procedures to help provide you with your ideal feminine contours and renew your self-confidence.
Breast Procedures

Facial Plastic Surgery

The years of aging are not always so friendly to your face. Sun damage, gravity and genetics all work together to replace your once-youthful appearance with wrinkled, sunken, and sagging skin. We offer different facial plastic surgery procedures designed to help you achieve your goals, whether you are looking to eliminate the signs of aging or improve facial balance. Our trained plastic surgeons have the experience and aesthetic eyes to achieve results that are not only beautiful, but that are true to your unique identity as well.
Face Procedures

Body Contouring Surgery

Your body goes through many changes throughout life—pregnancy, weight gain and weight loss, and the inevitable effects of aging. Unfortunately, excess skin and stubborn fat are not always easily solved even with an effective diet and exercise program. Our team of plastic surgeons is trained in helping men and women slim their bodies for healthier, natural looking contours.
Body Procedures

Hand Surgery

Your hands are your most important tool. When you are unable to use your hands properly due to injury or other medical conditions, it can make life extremely difficult. At our Midsota Hand Center, we can diagnose and treat various hand conditions to help give you your life back.
Hand Procedures

Reconstructive Surgery

Injury and disease can often leave people scarred by their remaining effects. At Midsota Plastic Surgeons, we offer patients several reconstructive options to help restore both their physical bodies and their self-confidence.
Reconstruction Procedures


“I want to say Thank you to Dr. Heath and the staff at Midsota. Every time I came into the center I was welcomed. Dr. Heath made me feel very comfortable discussing my options for breast reduction. I was kept well informed and felt very safe and secure during the procedure and all of my office visits.”

Rita N.

“The beautiful job Dr. Houle did with my DIEP flap reconstruction surgery was the final chapter in my successful survivor story of breast cancer. Thank you for restoring my feeling like a “whole” woman again.”


“Dr. Yang did an absolutely amazing job on my lower eyelid surgery. I am so completely happy with the results. Thank you is all I can say! Recommending to anyone considering!”

Karen P.