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Nipple / Areolar Tattooing

Areola Repigmentation in St. Cloud

Once a woman has gone through breast reconstruction, areolar tattooing can provide her with the finishing touch she desires. This non-surgical cosmetic procedure has helped many women feel more confident about their bodies after breast cancer. With areolar tattooing, we are able to restore a more natural, well-balanced appearance of the breasts.

Areolar Tattooing at First Glance

Areolar Tattooing (Areola Repigmentation)

Ages: Varies; Intended to supplement breast reconstruction

Treatment Time: 1 – 2 hours

Recovery Time: None; Minor peeling is common

Is areolar tattooing for me?

Following a post breast cancer reconstruction, a woman may lose the appearance of one or both areolas–the darkened circle of skin around the nipples. If you want to restore a more natural appearance of your breasts after reconstructive surgery, areolar tattooing can provide you with a natural and realistic pigmentation.

What are the benefits of areolar tattooing?

Areolar tattooing can help to achieve a more natural-looking breast following breast reconstruction. This treatment is completely non-surgical and can be completely personalized to each woman’s specific condition and desired outcome.

How is areolar tattooing performed?

Areolar tattooing is performed in the same manner as a traditional tattoo. Local anesthesia is not required, though some women may choose it to minimize any discomfort from the tattooing process. Specially-mixed pigments will be used to either match the color of your existing areola or you may choose a different color you would like based on your skin tone. Your Midsota Licensed Aestetician will then carefully repigment the area around the nipple for a natural-looking areola.

Because the tattoo pigment can fade over time, you may choose to return for a second session in order to darken and correct the colors.

How long does areolar tattooing take?

Your areolar tattooing procedure will take about 1 – 2 hours to complete.

How long is areolar tattooing recovery?

There is a small recovery period involved with areolar tattooing. We will go over the details with you in person following your procedure. You will be provided with specific care instructions to avoid any risk of infection as your skin heals.

How long will my areolar tattooing results last?

Results vary from person to person. On average, results last 2-5 years. A color boost may be recommended.

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