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Facelift and Neck Lift

Facial Rejuvenation Surgery

As you get older, wrinkles and sagging skin become all-too-obvious signs of your age. For many, these changes in their facial appearance can have a negative effect on their self-confidence. A facelift and neck lift with Midsota Plastic Surgeons can help to restore a more youthful appearance to match the vibrant person you still are.

Facelift Surgery at First Glance

Facelift (Rhytidectomy)

Ages: Most common at 45+

Surgery Time: 2-3 hours

Recovery Time: 2 weeks

Is a facelift and neck lift right for me?

Men and women experiencing deep facial folds or loose skin and jowls can benefit from a facelift and neck lift procedure. This facial plastic surgery is most common among those in their mid-forties through the late sixties, but can also be performed earlier in life as a preventative surgery or later to maintain a younger appearance.

At Midsota Plastic Surgeons, we often perform a facelift and neck lift together, but not all patients will require both procedures. During your consultation, we will discuss your desired outcome and carefully analyze your current condition to determine the best treatment plan for you.

These procedures are designed to restore the look and feel of skin in the mid-to-lower face and neck. Other areas of the face can be improved with procedures such as a brow lift or eyelid surgery.

What are the benefits of a face and neck lift?

Patients who have had a face and neck lift will enjoy various benefits, including:

  • Improvement of sagging skin or jowls
  • Smoothing of folds or deep wrinkles
  • Restoring youthful facial contours
  • Correction of neck jowls
  • Reduction of excess fat (may require some facial liposuction)

After having a facelift and neck lift performed, patients often feel more comfortable with their looks and experience a boost in their self-confidence.

How is a face and neck lift performed?

The details of your facelift and neck lift procedure will be discussed at length during your consultation. Together, we will determine whether you will benefit from a combination of both procedures or if you require only one of them. Some patients may be best suited for a mini facelift rather than a full facelift procedure.>

General anesthesia will be used to ensure you are asleep throughout the entire surgery. An incision will be made beginning at your temples, traveling down your hairline, around the front of your ears, and then back toward the base of your neck. Other incision patterns may be made depending on your unique situation.

Once the incision is made, your Midsota plastic surgeon will reshape and reposition the underlying tissue and fat to form a younger, stronger foundation for your face. The muscles may also be lifted to correct more severe areas of sagging. After restoring youthful contours, we will then re-drape the skin over the face and remove any excess before closing incisions to improve skin elasticity and tone.

How long does facelift and neck lift surgery take?

The length of your surgery will depend on the current condition of your face and the extent of the procedures being performed. On average, facelift and neck lift surgery will take two to three hours to complete.

How long is facelift and neck lift recovery?

After having a facelift or neck lift, you will experience some bruising and swelling, but this will gradually fade over time. Your scars will continue to fade and flatten, though they will be well-hidden within your hairline. While it will take about a year for your skin and tissue to fully heal from your procedure, you should feel well enough to return to work after just a couple of weeks.

When will I notice the results of my facelift and neck lift?

Changes in your appearance will be noticeable immediately, although it will take some time before your face is fully healed and you see your final results. Makeup can be worn to help conceal any surgical signs as you continue to heal.

How long will my facelift and neck lift results last?

Facelift and neck lift surgery is intended to provide you with long-lasting benefits. While the results of your procedure are long lasting, your face will continue to be affected by the normal aging process. Many past patients say that after ten years, they still feel they look 10 years younger than they would have if they had not had the surgery. You may choose to return for a revision facelift to maintain a youthful appearance as you get older.

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