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Can I Make My Injectable Treatment Last Longer?

Midsota, Botox - ImageAfter your injectable treatment at Midsota, you undoubtedly want the results to last as long as possible. Fortunately, there are ways to prolong the effects of your injectable treatment.

Each Injectable Lasts a Different Length of Time

Just as each type of injectable achieves different results, each also lasts a different amount of time. The type of injectable, location, as well as your body’s natural metabolic rate all influence the lifespan of your injectable treatment. For most of Minnesota patients, Botox® tends to last between three and six months. Results from dermal fillers vary in length depending on what filler is used. Hyaluronic acid dermal fillers, such as Juvéderm®, last between nine and 12 months. A specially formulated HA filler, Juvéderm Voluma® can last upwards of 18 months. Because Radiesse® stimulates your skin’s natural collagen production, results tend to last longer with improvement seen for up to two years.

Choose an Experienced Injector

The best and longest lasting results are achieved by a qualified and experienced injector. Midsota’s reputable and well-trained injectors are able to help you get the most from your injectable treatment. Along with the type of injectable used, the depth and amount can all impact how long you’re your treatment lasts. Our skilled and qualified injectors are able to customize your treatment to optimize long-lasting results.

Schedule Regular Injectable Treatments

Keep up your appearance with consistent injectable treatments at Midsota. For best results, we recommend that you do not wait too long in between your injection sessions and schedule your next appointment before the effects have fully worn off. With some of our most diligent patients, we have found that overlapping treatments can last a bit longer. Need a reason to schedule regularly? There is evidence that when performed at regular intervals, Botox can actually weaken the muscles that cause wrinkles to form in the first place.  

Long Lasting Results at Midsota

While injectable treatments are not meant to last forever, there are certainly steps you can take to make them last longer. At Midsota, we want you to get the most out of your treatment—schedule your injectable treatment with one of our experienced injectors today.


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Rita N.

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