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Injectable Wrinkle Treatment in St. Cloud

We all get facial lines and wrinkles, but sometimes they can leave us feeling like we’re looking at a stranger every time we catch our reflection in the mirror. Many of us just want to look as young as we still feel. Our certified surgeons can use Botox® to help restore a youthful and vibrant appearance for men and women wanting to age gracefully.

Botox at First Glance

Botox® Cosmetic
(Botulinum Toxin Type A)

Ages: 18-65

Treatment Time: 30 Minutes

Recovery Time: None

Is Botox for me?

Botox is a great non-surgical treatment option for men and women who want to rejuvenate their facial appearance but are not yet ready for facial plastic surgery. This injectable botulinum toxin works to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles such as crow’s feet, frown lines, and the 11’s that form between the eyes.

We will discuss your Botox options in detail during your consultation. Patients who wish to treat signs of aging in other areas of the face or a loss of facial volume may consider combining their Botox treatment with one or more dermal fillers.

What are the benefits of Botox?

The major appeal of Botox is that it can provide men and women with a younger appearance without requiring surgery. Botox not only improves existing signs of aging, but also works to prevent new ones from forming. When performed by an experienced professional, the results of Botox appear completely natural–as if you have simply gone back in time a few years. You still look like you, just younger.

Botox also provides several medical benefits as well. It can be used to treat several non-age-related conditions, such as excessive sweating, muscle spasms, and chronic migraine.

How is a Botox treatment performed?

Your Botox treatment will be discussed in detail during your consultation. Together, you and your Midsota plastic surgeon will determine which areas of the face will be receiving treatment in order to achieve your desired outcome.

When you come in for your treatment, we will carefully mark the injection locations. No local or general anesthesia is necessary for a Botox treatment. Your surgeon will then carefully inject the appropriate units of Botox into the marked locations in order to relax the underlying facial muscles.

How long does a Botox treatment take?

Your Botox treatment should last no longer than 30-45 minutes.

How long is Botox recovery?

There is no recovery period necessary following a Botox treatment. You may experience some minor bruising or soreness, but you should have no problem getting back to your normal routine immediately.

When will I notice the results of my Botox treatment?

Results may vary by patient, but it usually takes a week or two before you begin to notice any significant changes as it will take some time for the botulinum toxin to take effect. As the Botox gradually relaxes the underlying muscles, you will notice fine lines and wrinkles begin to smooth out.

How long will my Botox results last?

It varies from patient to patient, but typically the results of your Botox treatment should last for about 3-6 months. As you begin to notice lines and wrinkles coming back, you may return for touch-up treatments to maintain your youthful appearance.

As your face continues to age and the signs of aging worsen, you may eventually notice that Botox can no longer provide you with the results you desire. At this point, you may consider more invasive options of facial plastic surgery.


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Rita N.

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