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Why the Demand for Cosmetic Laser Procedures Is Growing

Midsota, Laser Treatments - ImageAccording to statistics released by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, 15.5 million minimally invasive procedures were performed in 2016 alone. Laser procedures, including ablative and non-ablative treatments—along with laser hair removal—accounted for a good percentage of that high number. This is not an anomaly, a new report estimates that the popularity of cosmetic laser procedures is only going to continue to grow— with the industry experts anticipating that the market for cosmetic laser treatments will nearly double in the next five years.
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What are your eyes telling other people?

Midsota_eyes _september

When we meet someone new or reconnect with an old friend, we subconsciously gather information about that person by his or her appearance. Some of this information, a person can control — putting on a stylish outfit, applying makeup, trying a new hairstyle, etc. However, some things are less controllable due to the natural aging process. Wrinkles, loose skin and bags under the eyes could all be making you look older, sad or tired even though this might not match how you feel inside. One of the first places we look is at a person’s eyes. More »

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3 Reasons Why Many Are Switching To Laser Hair Removal

As time goes on, more and more people are discovering the exciting benefits of laser hair removal. It’s convenient, easy, and requires less maintenance than tedious shaving and painful waxing. Perhaps you have heard about laser hair removal in the past, but didn’t know if it was right for you. Our team at Midsota MedSpa is excited to share why so many of our St. Cloud patients love raving about their own laser hair removal experience. The benefits may even surprise you!  More »

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How Microneedling With PRP Can Rejuvenate Your Skin


Microneedling provides men and women alike a minimally invasive way to address common skin concerns and create great skin results. Specifically, the PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) and DermaPen microneedling combo has so many wonderful benefits that our team at Midsota Medspa want the entire St. Cloud area to know and experience the great results for themselves.  More »

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Look Well Rested with Eyelid Surgery

Midsota, Beauty Sleep - ImageHit the hay, catch some z’s, get some shut eye, take 40 winks, turn in. What a lot of ways to say sleep! Judging by the number of words used to describe it, a good nights’ rest is clearly very important to us. We have one more to add to the list—beauty sleep. Long been a part of our vernacular, new research shows that beauty sleep is in fact a very real thing. According to a new study published by the Royal Society of Open Science, men and women are deemed more attractive after a good nights’ sleep.
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Non-Surgical Rejuvenation Will Be Popular in 2017

Midsota, NS Rejuvenation - ImageThe statistics are in! The American Society of Plastic Surgery (ASPS) recently released their yearly statistics for 2016. Showing the growing popularity of cosmetic procedures, altogether, over 17 million men and women underwent surgical and minimally-invasive cosmetic procedures to enhance their appearance.
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Botox® & Fillers: What’s the Difference?

Midsota, Inj - Image
As plastic surgery gets more popular, more people are asking questions around various procedures, treatments, methods, and more. Here at Midsota Plastic Surgeons, we have found that men and women are especially interested in non-surgical and injectable treatments. For example, a lot of our patients ask the question, “What’s the difference between Botox and a filler?”

This is a good question to ask because it isn’t initially clear what the difference are between Botox and dermal fillers. “Are they the same thing?” you ask. No, while both are injectables, Botox and fillers are not the same.
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FAQ: Laser Hair Removal

Midsota, Laser Hair Removal - Image
What is the best way to achieve silky smooth and hair-free skin? When compared to shaving, tweezing, and waxing—laser hair removal has them all beat! Just because laser hair removal is a patient favorite, doesn’t mean that men and women do not have questions.
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Reveal a Trim Physique with Surgical Body Contouring

Midsota, Body Lift - Image
A long, tedious, and often difficult process—achieving your weight loss goal should be a time of celebration and jubilee. Yet, for many men and women, the presence of excess and sagging skin masks their great success and puts a damper on their weight loss achievement. With hopes high, patients are increasingly coming to Midsota Plastic Surgeons for our assistance in helping them achieve the body that they have worked so hard for.
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Celebrate Your Survival by Restoring Your Appearance After Breast Cancer

Midsota, Breast Cancer Permanent Makeup - Image
As a breast cancer survivor, you have endured many ups and downs as you have battled this life-altering disease. Beyond the emotional challenges, there are many physical changes as well. While losing one or both breasts may be among the most obvious, additional smaller changes take place and can be just as unsettling. Even after beating cancer, hair loss and skin issues can make it difficult to feel like your old self. Along with breast reconstruction options, Midsota Plastic Surgeons is pleased to offer other aesthetic options to help you restore your confidence and make you feel as whole as possible again.

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“I want to say Thank you to Dr. Heath and the staff at Midsota. Every time I came into the center I was welcomed. Dr. Heath made me feel very comfortable discussing my options for breast reduction. I was kept well informed and felt very safe and secure during the procedure and all of my office visits.”

Rita N.

“The beautiful job Dr. Houle did with my DIEP flap reconstruction surgery was the final chapter in my successful survivor story of breast cancer. Thank you for restoring my feeling like a “whole” woman again.”


“Dr. Yang did an absolutely amazing job on my lower eyelid surgery. I am so completely happy with the results. Thank you is all I can say! Recommending to anyone considering!”

Karen P.


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