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3 Reasons Why Many Are Switching To Laser Hair Removal

As time goes on, more and more people are discovering the exciting benefits of laser hair removal. It’s convenient, easy, and requires less maintenance than tedious shaving and painful waxing. Perhaps you have heard about laser hair removal in the past, but didn’t know if it was right for you. Our team at Midsota MedSpa is excited to share why so many of our St. Cloud patients love raving about their own laser hair removal experience. The benefits may even surprise you! 

Reason #1: Simple & Quick Procedure

Perhaps one of the biggest reasons why you weren’t sure if this procedure was right for you is that you suspected laser hair removal is a lengthy procedure. This is not true. Most of our laser hair removal appointments at Midsota MedSpa range from 30 minutes to an hour, depending on the area(s) from which you wish to remove unwanted hair. There is no effort on your part either – just sit back and let our skillful team eliminate that pesky hair. For optimal results, a series of hair removal treatments is recommended.

Reason #2: Long Lasting Results

This may be one of the most exciting benefits of laser hair removal. Once your treatment is complete, you don’t need to worry about removing hair for a while! Our aestheticians recommend regular maintenance treatment sessions to maintain your smooth, beautiful results. Ladies, you no longer need to worry about shaving your legs every single time you want to wear a skirt. Men, think about removing hair on your chest this summer and feeling confident taking that shirt off every time.

Reason #3: Reduce The Amount Of Shaving And Waxing

Laser hair removal is an excellent replacement for shaving and waxing unwanted hair. Once you have eliminated that hair and continue to come in for your touch up appointments, shaving and waxing will be greatly reduced, and possibly even eliminated altogether. If shaving has been driving you crazy for years and waxing has been nothing but a pain-filled experience, you may want to try this much simpler and low maintenance alternative. 

Hair Free In St. Cloud

Since our team is so passionate about sharing this treatment with our Minnesota clients, we are offering 20% OFF laser hair removal sessions for the month of September! Don’t wait another day putting up with the hassle of shaving and schedule your initial consultation today.



“I want to say Thank you to Dr. Heath and the staff at Midsota. Every time I came into the center I was welcomed. Dr. Heath made me feel very comfortable discussing my options for breast reduction. I was kept well informed and felt very safe and secure during the procedure and all of my office visits.”

Rita N.

“The beautiful job Dr. Houle did with my DIEP flap reconstruction surgery was the final chapter in my successful survivor story of breast cancer. Thank you for restoring my feeling like a “whole” woman again.”


“Dr. Yang did an absolutely amazing job on my lower eyelid surgery. I am so completely happy with the results. Thank you is all I can say! Recommending to anyone considering!”

Karen P.